The next hackbmth is at our friends Amuzo Games, who have been making games in Bournemouth for over 10 years now. They’ve moved into their new office in the triangle and it’s a perfect space to have some fun.

We’ve had a few events that are serious, so this nex…

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2nd Floor, Parkway House, 28 Avenue Road

hackbmth brings together Bournemouth’s creative and tech individuals, coming from a wide range of industries including programming, web design, engineering and game design. We encourage learning and having a ton of fun doing it. Whether you’re an experienced veteran or looking to learn something new, hackbmth brings regular events to a variety of venues for you to flex your creative muscles.

We’re committed to fostering talent, friendship and community in the Bournemouth area. Everyone’s welcome.

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After a successful Part One at the Town Hall, now it’s time for Part Two: The bit where stuff gets done. If you couldn’t make it to Part One, fear not, you’re more than welcome at Part Two. We want you to use your skills - development, design, data analysis, whatever, to help solve transport challenges in Bournemouth, or innovate travel in a new way. Do what you do best - analyse data, make a fun app, or anything else you want. Now is to time to take that thinking, that excitement and problem-solving and put it into practise.

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